My experience with Uber

I had a pretty bad experience with the Uber cab service recently while I was returning from Bangalore.

I was going from my office in Bellandur to the Airport. My flight was at 5:45pm, and I called the cab for 3pm considering an extra hour if anything happens on the way. Actually, a lot happened.

On a ride that should have taken around 1 hour, it took me more than 2 hours to reach, because of which I missed my flight and had to pay huge amount for that.

First, the driver (Mallikarjuna) accepted the trip and then called me and said that he is not willing to go. Why did he even accept the trip if he was not willing to go?

Then, the next driver (Shyam) didn’t appear on time. Then he drove so slow like it was the slowest vehicle on the road. Then in the halfway, the car stopped, and he said it would take at most 2 min to start again. So, i waited. Even after me asking him if it would take more time, he didn’t inform me. Then he stopped the trip and asked me to get another cab. Why was he even driving the car, if it was not in running condition? Even if he was driving, he should have told me before the trip about that.

Then I tried to get another cab on Uber. Some driver (Ganesh) accepted. I called him multiple times, but he didn’t pick up the call. Then he said he would be reaching soon. Then after quite some time, he picked up and asked me to cancel the trip as it would take him a lot of time to come to the pick location. Why did he say that he would be reaching soon, earlier? And Uber charged me cancellation fee for this. What would you call such a service!

After all this, it was already late, so I picked up Airport taxi, and went straight to the Airport. Because of all this, I missed my flight and had to pay more than Rs 8,000 for that. Uber, you should be paying me back for this. Whose mistake do you think it is? That too multiple times.

Having such a experience, I would never recommend anyone use uber cabs. The other services might charge a bit more, but are far more reliable.

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